Collections Care & Environmental Monitoring

By understanding the specific environmental conditions that objects are displayed in, we can develop strategies to minimise the risk of short and long-term degradation to objects from factors that include humidity, temperature, light, pollution, pests, vibrations and dust from neighbouring building development.

As part of this process, we use discreet environmental monitors that continuously log levels of humidity, temperature and light. We monitor and interpret this data, producing regular reports that may periodically include appropriate recommendations by our experts. These suggestions could include glazing pictures with UV-filtering glass, carrying out a regular specialist clean to prevent build-up of microscopic dust in areas of high traffic or, in the case of sculpture kept outside, applying special finishes to protect patination from the corrosive effects of pollution, acidic rain and salt.

These recommendations are designed to allow our clients to get full enjoyment out of their art work and their living spaces, while minimising degradation and environmental damage to their collections.

Plowden & Smith collections care at Middle Temple