Object Display Mounting

Displaying a prized piece or collection takes both skill and flair.

It requires an appreciation of the aesthetic and technical requirements of the object plus the ability to capture these precise needs in an elegant, functional design.

Modelled on our highly-regarded Exhibitions service for museums, object display mounting gives private clients the opportunity to become curators of their collection – no matter how challenging the artwork or ambitious their vision.

Each mount, support, plinth or case is made and finished by hand in our workshop using the finest conservation-grade materials.

Steel, stainless steel, brass, acrylic, resin or wood are just some of the materials we use, with finishes ranging from a subtle wax polish or discreet spray-paint, to a bolder lacquered effect or a more contemporary style, achieved by techniques that include powder-coating or brushing.

Plinths and stands can also be finished with a museum-standard fabric in virtually any colour, or custom-dyed if necessary to achieve the desired result.

From providing an initial consultation through to delivery and installation, our experts are on hand to guide you the process, ensuring that your art work has never looked so good.

Plowden & Smith mounted Tang Dynasty horse