Works on Paper

Our paper experts treat photographs and fine art on paper in a variety of media including paint, pastel, watercolour and graphite. They also apply specialist techniques to a wide range of paper and parchment items, including photographs, historic documents, letters, certificates, architects plans and blueprints.

Treatments to restore the appearance and stability of fragile paper and parchment – and prevent further deterioration – include cleaning, washing, paper repair, de-acidifying, tape and adhesive removal and retouching if necessary.

We also offer preservation advice, surveys, assessments and condition reporting as well as collection care for fine art in the home or workplace.

Following treatment and where needed, our experts can apply a non-acidic conservation grade backing and museum quality non-reflective, UV-filtering glazing to the work to prevent further deterioration.

We also clean, restore and re-gild frames or we can create a custom-made frame to the specific requirements of the client.

Paper is particularly fragile so if you have any concerns about your professional or personal paper collection, do get in touch.

Featured Projects

Flying Copper, Banksy

Flying Copper is one of Banksy’s Happy Copper paintings and features an armed policeman with an ironically bright contrasting smiley face and angel wings.

The art was brought to us with multiple tears, particularly where the delicate wings join the torso of the figure.

We repaired the tears using layers of Japanese tissue and wheat starch paste. This also served to strengthen the cardboard on which the image had been spray-painted and conserve the repairs.

Finally, the repairs were retouched so that they are visually unobtrusive.