Whether working with oil, tempera, gouache, house paint or watercolour, we have the expertise to utterly transform old, dirty or damaged paintings.

Our work is individually tailored to the material composition of each painting – a scientific approach that achieves outstanding results without resorting to aggressive or unsympathetic treatments.

We correct age-related disintegration and damage, for example removing historic restoration, relining canvases and stabilising flaking paint, filling and retouching paint loss, as well as cleaning and removing discoloured varnish and re-glazing with a modern conservation-grade varnish.

No extent of damage is beyond the reach of treatment: we restore art that has been stored in incorrect atmospheric conditions, as well as paintings that have been devastated by fire or flood.

In line with current museum best practice, we always aim for the minimal amount of intervention. Collectors depend on our experience of the art world to provide impartial advice on the potential short and long term implications of treatment.

Our studio can accommodate paintings over 3 metres in length and we can collect and deliver if needed.

Featured Project

Oil on Canvas

Canvases are sometimes inadvertently slashed when using a knife to remove protective packaging.

Our expert used a thread-by-thread tear-mending technique known as reweaving. This resulted in a strong local repair and avoided the need to reline the entire canvas.

The damaged area was then filled and retouched to reintegrate the repair into the surrounding paint.